“Monday I ate an apple, Thursday I ate a mandarin orange….”

“You may be thinking “so what” …lots of people do that, but for me it has been at least 20 years because of severe food intolerances.  I heard about Bio-Energetics and, although I was unsure and skeptical, I thought if Marcie thinks she can help me I should give it a try.

I used to get hives in my throat, eyes and uncontrollable sneezing when I ate apples or oranges and this week I ate both with NO issues!

She also treated me for dogs and cats as most days I can’t go to my daughter’s house because of severe reactions to their pets. I have been to their home now with no issues and can now have play dates with my grandkids at THEIR house!

Thanks Marcie!”   R.D.

“My daughter had a strange grouping of bumps on her side. I took her to a doctor who told me this was Molluscum Contagiosum.  Apparently it is a very common rash in kids that is contagious and will “just go away on its own”. It could take months, it could take 3 years! The doctor then referred us to a dermatologist.

I decided to talk to my naturopath at the Lakeside Clinic. He informed me that Marcie does BIE (Bio-Energetics) and could likely assist. Marcie immediately ordered in the vial required for testing and had us in the following week for our first appointment. It took 2 visits and the bumps starting going away! Sometimes now we see a bump come back but her body fights it off just like it’s supposed to and the bumps go away on their own. Thanks Marcie!“    D.W.

“Avery’s life has changed! All her life she has been unable to tolerate eggs or anything containing eggs (breads, pastas, breading baking etc). She becomes very, very ill, gets rashes/hives and was required to carry an Epi-pen. Anyone who knows her understands the struggles going to a restaurant, a birthday party or to a friends for dinner. Calling ahead, researching menus, bringing her own food….it has been trying and embarrassing for Avery.

Avery has had three sessions of BIE and is now tolerating eggs and egg products. We can’t thank Marcie enough. We have a very happy 14yr old who is trying new things daily!”    R.C.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your treatment on my shingles. I have suffered through bouts of shingles three years in a row. They would last for approximately a month or a little more. The last episode was the winter of 2015-2016. We had to cut short our Florida vacation when shingles got too bad. When we came home in January I booked 3 appointments with you in February. I have now been shingles free for over a year and am therefore extremely grateful to you for your treatments. I am happy to endorse you.

Richard F

Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for your treatments! Every year I perform at a local Fall Fair and _every year_ I struggle for days afterwards with sneezing, nasal congestion and itchy eyes from the hay and straw at the Fairgrounds. Well…..NOT THIS YEAR!

After just two Bio-Energetics treatments I was able to spend the entire day at the fair without ANY symptoms!!

Thank you SO MUCH!

K Osborne

"Marcie is the most caring and empathetic person, and it makes her such a wonderful practitioner to work with! I had been unable to tolerate cow dairy products of any kind and, after 3 sessions, was able to have a chocolate milkshake with no pain or bloating! Thanks Marcie!"


"Marcie is amazing! She helped me with my allergies and sadness, grief, anxiety... so much more. Marcie spends the time to listen and help you with her "magic" powers! VERY happy customer!"


"Thanks so much Marcie! I feel so light and free today. My ever day heaviness lifted this morning. I drove home last night (following our appointment) with the feeling of a clear slate. I didn’t have any music on, which I always do. I enjoyed the pure peace and silence. I felt neutral with a quiet mind for the first time in a really long time. When I arrived home I talking through what I was feeling with my husband and burst into tears, talking through everything I was hoping to release last night. So much came out with that cry. You helped lift a dark weight and cloud that I have been carrying for a long time. I can’t thank you enough for this feeling of space I have yearned for. I look forward to the days ahead and what they have to bring me."


"OMG Marcie I need more of that…my arm issue is almost gone, my energy inside has shifted. Still anxious moments but there is a clarity, a better understanding in my spiritual awakening. I want more of this amazing gift you offer."


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