Reiki is a beautifully gentle, yet powerful healing modality that allows the practitioner to transmit subtle energy through their hands into the energy system of the client. Reiki helps to restore balance by gently and effectively opening blocked meridians and chakras, clearing the energy of the body leaving you feeling relaxed and peaceful. There are many incredible benefits of Reiki and each person’s experience is different. Some clients are so relaxed that they drift off to sleep during the session, others may have visions or see colours and others may have an emotional release. Regardless of your experience, trust that healing is occurring. Relaxation alone is a significant benefit, when the body is under stress it can interfere with its ability to heal itself. Dis-ease develops when the body is out of balance. We are exposed to stress daily whether it’s emotional, physical or electromagnetic so a simple and gentle modality that offers deep relaxation can be life changing. Reiki balances and works on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Some benefits of Reiki might include:

Deep relaxtion

Reduction in physical symptoms

More restful sleep

Less worry and anxiety

Clear mind

Accelerated rate of healing

Here’s what one of my clients had to say about their Reiki experience.

“I have chronic adrenal fatigue. Put very simply, my hormones are rarely in balance which causes severe bouts of physical exhaustion, irritability, anger, rage sadness and deep depression. While receiving a Reiki treatment I have experienced significant balancing of emotions, restful rest (which is difficult with this condition), and I always feel calm, grounded at the end of a treatment. Each time going a little deeper. I often experience insights and reflections into my personal path and journey”

During a session the client will lay, fully clothed, on a massage table. Music may be playing softly in the background and blankets and pillows will be provided for your comfort. If you choose speak during your session you are welcome to do so but if you prefer to have silence through your session that is your decision completely, I will follow your lead. You may feel tired when your session is over so be gentle with yourself and allow the beautiful state of relaxation stay with you as long as possible. Water is incredibly important so be sure to hydrate before and after your session. Self care is so essential in a world as busy and stressful as ours so this is an incredible gift to give yourself, your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies will thank you!

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